The world of sports is constantly in search of the next super-star. A relentless game of "who was, who is and who will be." In Basketball, it was Micheal Jordan, it is Kobe Bryant and it will be Lebron James or so the debate continues. In the competitive dog eat dog fight that is womens surfing, another name emerges: Lakey Peterson. As 17 year-old Lakey Peterson qualifies to the 2012 Womens World Tour and steps-up against the best in the world. Introduced to surfing in Manly Beach, Australia at age 5, Lakey didn't actually start taking surfing seriously until age 11. Three short years later the virtually unknown 14 year old competed in her NSSA Open Womens Division debut, landing the first-ever air in a womens contest, Lakey made surf history to claim top honors and garner industry-wide attention. Jump four more years and the now 18 year-old Lakey is competing against the best 17 women in the world. Only time will tell what will happen in the next three years, but Lakey is predicted to rise to the top to create a new legacy.

Won the US Open of Surfing in 2012
At the tender age of 18 years old, Lakey is ranked at the #3 best female surfer on the planet.
Lakey will be a guest fitness trainer on The Biggest Loser hit TV show
A team of entertainment executives is working on a nation wide musical tour called The Clean

Water Tour that will feature Lakey and her philanthropic efforts to bring clean water to third world countries.

Also known as Lakey Air for performing the worlds first aerial in a surf competition